The #BeenutRevolution™

Tannie & Ezra, a.k.a. the Second Helpings bees and creators of Beenut Butters™ have been at it since 2012; Ezra, the fitness and health buff and Tannie, the foodie and mad experimenter in the kitchen. After learning of Ezra’s crazy obsession with peanut butter, Tannie began forming an idea.

Instead of going out to purchase his (then) favourite brand of peanut butter, Tannie secretly got some ingredients, banned Ezra from the kitchen and after a messy afternoon of alchemy and downright artistry, the Beenut Butter™ was born.

Beenut Butters™ are our take on all-natural nut butters made with honey, lovingly crafted with wholesome ingredients.

That’s how we know that it’s perfectly respectable to indulge.

So dig in, no one’s watching… Have Second Helpings!

Join the #BeenutRevolution!