Cocovan Beenut Butter™
Cocovan Beenut Butter™
Cocovan Beenut Butter™
Cocovan Beenut Butter™
Second Helpings

Cocovan Beenut Butter™

Full Bodied. Fruity. Sophisticated.

This exotic blend of creamy coconut and warm vanilla flavors in our Cocovan Beenut Butter will envelop your senses in succeeding layers, transporting you to a tropical island paradise with each mouthful.

Relish in the respite.

About the Makers

Very few things are better than a mouthful of sticky peanut butter, except maybe, Beenut Butter. Beenut Butters have been enjoyed by both the young and the old, and of course, Mr. Joe Black himself.

The team behind Second Helpings, a husband and wife duo have been at it since 2012, creating fun flavors in the kitchen around a crazy obsession with peanut butter. Beenut Butters are their take on all-natural nut butters made with honey, lovingly crafted with wholesome ingredients.

That's why its perfectly respectable to indulge.

So dig in, no one's watching... Have Second Helpings and join the #BeenutRevolution!

How to Use

The Limit Does Not Exist

Sweet or Savory, for Breakfast or Desserts. The possibilities are endless. A dash of creativity and a spoonful of Beenut Butter is all you need to make magic.


Peanuts, Olive Oil, Honey, Dessicated Coconut, Vanilla Beans, Sea Salt

Additional Information

Recommended shelf life of 12 months, refrigerated